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As part of a team building activity, Shaner gave each team of students 45 minutes and a bag of office supplies to build a self-standing projectile launcher. “They have to build something that works, and it actually has to work better than somebody else’s in the class, so it requires them to really [...]
Bitangcol, a management major, currently works at her parents’ business, a linen rental company, and will continue to do so after graduation in December. She’s also interested in working in human resources in the future, but her dream is to own and manage a resort, similar to a waterpark, with her [...]
After two years of playing professional baseball, Baldwin returned to Mason to obtain his Master’s in Public Administration. While earning his MPA, he interned with the Department of Defense as a contract specialist. He utilized accounting and finance principles as a pension investigator for the Department [...]
The IESC, which held its inaugural meeting in 2014 at the United Nations in New York City, is a global alliance of more than 100 professional real estate industry organizations across thirty countries. Its mission is to create and implement the first International Ethics Standards for the real estate [...]
Mason Senior Wants His Company to be Good to the Last Drop by Damian Cristodero -- Dec 5th 2016
So impressive is Bulskov’s business model, developed in the Innovation Lab in George Mason’s School of Business, he received a $10,000 EagleBank Entrepreneurship Scholarship. The scholarship is part of EagleBank’s multimillion-dollar strategic partnership with Mason that includes an array of educational [...]
Undergrad Student Helps Build Startup Company by Katherine Johnson -- Nov 30th 2016
“I grew up in a home where only Spanish was spoken, so I had to deal with how my parents were raising me and how my current environment wanted me to be. Trying to gauge all of it going on at the same time made me get the best of each environment, at home or at school, and it’s helped me excel at [...]
Since graduating, he has sought out ways to stay connected to the School of Business. He first got involved with the School of Business Alumni Chapter and will serve as its president in the coming year. He is a sponsor of the Annual Business Celebration and sits on the advisory boards for the School [...]