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Passport to Success: Alumna Appointed Travel Channel CFO by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Jan 26th 2015
For Kellie Goldstein, it was an international finance class during her masters in accounting program that would plant the seeds for her career. As she dove into assigned case studies of various international firms, she realized how important the global economy was to our future and actively started [...]
Mason MBA Students Get the Ear of the ‘Oracle’ by Janet Palmisano -- Jan 13th 2015
"You can learn the theories in class or analyzing business cases, but when you hear it from someone of Mr. Buffett's stature, it really resonates," says Robert McAleer, who will complete his MBA this spring. "He was very candid with us, sharing insights from both his successes and failures over the [...]
U.S. News Ranks Online EMBA #36 Best Online MBA Program by Jennifer Kleiner -- Jan 7th 2015
George Mason University consistently ranks among the U.S. News & World Report top business programs, and 2015 is no exception. Mason's online Executive MBA program landed a top spot at #36 on the "Best Online MBA Programs" list. Tied at the #36 spot are notable universities including Northeastern [...]
Companies often think "going green" means higher costs and less profit. But is it possible to have the best of both worlds in one business model according to research by Ioannis (Yannis) Bellos, assistant professor of information systems and operations management at the School of Business, and [...]
Held at the Arlington Campus' Founders Hall, this year's annual conference focused on innovation launchpads—co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators. Some 75 business leaders and entrepreneurial academics attended, taking in more than four hours of panel discussions about developing ideas and [...]
Finance Student Studies Abroad Down Under by Jennifer Kleiner -- Dec 4th 2014
"I've always wanted to explore the world," shares Chun "Justin" Lau, a finance student in George Mason's School of Business, when discussing his decision to study abroad. In July, Lau took another step toward achieving this goal when he arrived in Sydney, Australia, to study at the University of Technology [...]
New Faculty Research Can Save Federal Government Millions by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Dec 1st 2014
The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports that nearly 72 percent of federal IT projects, with a total budget of $27 billion, are poorly planned and face significant schedule and cost overruns. According to the federal government's IT Dashboard website, nearly 25 percent of federal IT projects [...]
Alumnus Supports the Success of Hardworking Students by Whitney Hanlin -- Nov 24th 2014
In the third grade, Brian Kearney began working for the family business making copies of tax returns. Seventeen years later, as he began his college search, Kearney sought a university that would enable him to continue working while getting a formal education. For Kearney, George Mason University's [...]
Is Teleworking Contagious? by Jennifer Kleiner -- Nov 18th 2014
Working offsite, whether it be from home, client location, or another work location, is more and more the norm among various organizations—from Fortune 100 companies to government agencies and higher education. The increase in teleworking can be attributed to a variety of reasons, from aiding in managing [...]