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Rarely do students pick a major out of the course guide and find the career they hope to pursue. Often it takes exploration and sometimes even hands-on experience to determine what field will be the one that best fits. For Brock Walker, a part-time MBA student and financial specialist for the US Department [...]
"The way the market works here is different from back home in China," Zhu explains. "We were fascinated by this difference and wanted to learn more." Zhu and Hou participated in the intensive Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) program, which provided them with significant research time, [...]
MBA Scholarship Offers Exclusive CEO Mentorship by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Mar 10th 2014
The School of Business recently received a donation of $25,000 to establish the Pete Bianco Scholarship Endowment. The proceeds from this endowment allow for a selected MBA student to have the opportunity to participate in MindShare, an exclusive, invitation-only program comprised of CEOs of Washington [...]
Technology Management Alumnus Sprints Up Corporate Ladder by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Mar 6th 2014
That challenge paid off. During the program, Smith moved up the ladder at Welkin Associates, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CSC, starting as an individual contributor to a section lead and transitioning to a program management position. Since graduating, he was promoted to director and then vice [...]
MBA Students Help Budding Entrepreneurs in Philippines by Jennifer Kleiner -- Mar 3rd 2014
Students worked with a variety of small business owners taking part in a local microfinance program to train them in areas of process improvement and operations management. The goal of the microfinance program and subsequent training is to educate micro-entrepreneurs to help them expand their businesses [...]
Technology has brought the business world closer. We are all within reach of each other, regardless of location, with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Time zones have become irrelevant. Work days have pushed all boundaries. There are no longer standard business hours between 9 and 5, but rather the [...]
On February 25, 2014, School of Business and economic students Aimal Arsalla, Inderbir Bal, Cody Becker, Katherine Hart, and Bekka Kitila presented their "buy" recommendation for Virginia owned Lumber Liquidators, Inc. in front of a panel of judges and others as finalists in this year's CFA Virginia [...]
As a GSA MOBIS vendor, Mason will benefit from the speed, ease, and efficiency of securing government contracts to provide executive education services. Additionally, it gives Mason the opportunity to connect more easily with a range of government agencies and spend less time on purchasing paperwork [...]
Sarah Nutter Named Dean of School of Business by Preston Williams -- Feb 21st 2014
Nutter, an accounting professor and former Internal Revenue Service economist, was one of three finalists for dean. She has served in a variety of leadership roles at George Mason, including as the presidential fellow, interim university chief of staff and chair of the steering committee of Mason's [...]
Mason Team to Partner with IBM on Research by Preston Williams -- Feb 19th 2014
"Historically, the elements of the electric power industry have been isolated and not connected to communication networks or the Internet. More and more connections are happening," says J.P. Auffret, director of the Master of Science in Technology Management and MS in Management of Secure Information [...]