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On hiatus from her doctoral studies at Cambridge University (UK), Carolyn "Kat" Grimsley will teach the popular Real Estate Entrepreneurship course this summer in George Mason University's Masters in Real Estate Development (MRED) program. In addition to her impressive academic credentials, Grimsley [...]
Service to U.S. + EMBA = Entrepreneur by Mary Crowson -- Jun 25th 2014
The critical moment came at the end of a long flight. "It was vital to the boy's recovery that we put the plane down as softly as possible," says pilot Tony Haney, Executive MBA '13, who served 22 years in the U.S. military. The transport "greased" in, aviator slang for a rare, silky smooth, bounce- [...]
How would the course of history have been changed if assassins' weapons had been detected before they were fired? From Abraham Lincoln in 1865 to Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand in 1914 to the Kennedys and Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s, shootings of high-profile figures in public places have [...]
Back home, Yon is the assistant director of the Namibia Business School in the capital city of Windhoek. She spent most of her 2014 fellowship year at Penn State University but came to the George Mason University School of Business for six weeks in May and June to learn about the executive business [...]
"Around the world, there are several effective models to do coordination, and they work in their own setting," says Cramton, whose ongoing research is funded by the National Science Foundation. "What doesn't work is to take part of this model and part of that model—or as we say, 'script'—without [...]
Sullivan pursued his Masters in Technology Management degree to enhance his business and management skills after taking on an expanded role at a technology marketing agency in Washington, D.C. "A close friend and recent graduate had great things to say about the program. After doing further research [...]
"Innovation contests are a specific application of the 'crowdsourcing' phenomenon," says Cheryl Druehl, assistant professor of information systems and operations management at George Mason's School of Business. "Internet enabled-platforms have enabled crowds of people and firms to come together and [...]
It's not every day that a school can tout that their alumnus was instrumental in shaping global politics, but this month George Mason's School of Business can say just that. MBA alum, Jonathan R. Snowling '11, recently spearheaded an upset victory for his client Juan Carlos Varela in the race for the [...]
Companies Should Be Hung Up on Personal Mobile Phones by Preston Williams -- May 27th 2014
In an ongoing follow-up study to his earlier work, "Effect of BYOD on Today's Enterprise Security Systems," Zahadat has created a framework for employers to deal with the BYOD issue—if they are willing to acknowledge there is one, regarding the enormous amount of work information available on devices [...]
As a customer liaison, she helps them to understand the challenges they face and explains to them what they need to keep their information safe from hackers or data loss. Her company's clients include fortune 500 companies and government agencies such as Hyatt, Sony, and the National Institute of Standards [...]