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Student Diversity Makes Mason Like “a Little UN” by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Jul 25th 2016
“This quality sets Mason apart from other business schools. People feel connected to each other, and I found they have an appreciation and respect for different cultures. Understanding diversity is a very important skill in today’s workplace; so having a diverse student population enables Mason [...]
With the goal of preparing and promoting more women and minority executives to serve as board directors, the WWLI - Mason Access Leadership Board Preparedness Program serves as a catalyst to advance fresh faces and new perspectives. The robust content increases participant’s knowledge, skills, abilities [...]
Montano, who earned his BS in accounting from Mason, has served as the chief investment officer at the U.S. Department of the Treasury for two years. He manages the remaining investments made in U.S. financial institutions during the financial crisis. Prior to joining the Treasury, he was an M&A [...]
“The great thing about real estate is that you can leave a mark. You change the built environment and that lasts forever. It’s visible and you see it everyday," says Bob Wulff, director of the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship (CREE) and former director of the Master’s in Real Estate [...]
Childhood Dreams Become Reality for EMBA Alum by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Jun 27th 2016
Pinson’s entrepreneurial spirit and penchant for problem solving started at a young age. At just 12 years old, he developed his first functional software application as a result of overhearing his mother lament on the drudgery of balancing her checkbook. Thus began a lifelong passion for creating [...]
After working for a national non-profit for six years, accounting major Elizabeth Farley is very familiar with one major obstacle every non-profit faces: the “endless race track” of raising money. Farley immediately started to brainstorm topics geared toward helping the non-profit sector after learning [...]
“We have a lot of political unrest in my country (Nigeria), which tends to dominate our national identity,” says Aladesanmi. “However, my time in the United States has made me hopeful and excited about returning home and bringing some innovative thinking, especially in the area of cybersecurity [...]
Global Classrooms Connect Students Around the World by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Jun 13th 2016
The goal of a GCC is to engage Mason students with students at a partner university abroad, through a range of online and electronic technologies, addressing global challenges and solutions. According to Assistant Professor of Business Rob Pierce, “Classes pair when they have similar content and aims [...]
Mason has partnered with Oxford since 1995 to provide the Oxford Semester. The prestigious program is open to a small group of high achieving students, and gives them the opportunity to study at one of the University of Oxford’s numerous colleges. Hitchcock learned of the opportunity through her Honors [...]
On its website, College Choice says its rankings are based “exclusively on factors actual college freshmen said were most important to their college decision.” Those factors, according to a recent nationwide survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, include academic reputation, [...]