The School of Business holds a variety of annual events tailored to our students, faculty, and the business community.

Behavioral Tax Symposium

The Behavioral Tax Symposium brings together scholars working on current topics in the area of tax judgment and decision making. A unique feature of this symposium is that participants may present and discuss research proposals rather than completed manuscripts. This allows researchers to receive feedback on their theory and research designs prior to collecting data—the time in which feedback is most useful for researchers running experiments.

Dean’s Business Plan Competition

The Dean’s Business Plan Competition is an annual George Mason University event sponsored by the School of Business. The competition selects the best business plan from among those submitted by undergraduate student teams.

Mason Entrepreneurship Research Conference

At the School of Business, we firmly believe that research in entrepreneurship is not the domain of any one academic discipline. As such, researchers from around the world present their work that can conceivably be connected with any dimension of entrepreneurship such as regional development and role of government, risk taking, engineering and innovation, autonomy and leadership.

SOM 498 Capstone Case Competition

The SOM 498 case competition is a major component of SOM 498 Capstone Course: Advanced Business Models. Our undergraduate students integrate the specific core concepts—the principles of accounting, information systems and operations management, finance, management, and marketing—and work in teams analyzing a pre-selected case and providing recommendations for improving the company's competitive position.

Tax and Accounting Conference

The annual George Mason Tax & Accounting conference provides a forum for accountants, auditors, audit committee members, corporate and non-profit controllers and attorneys, and members of academia to hear first hand from expert speakers about new trends in current tax, accounting and auditing practice.

Workplace Diversity: Practice and Research

The Workplace Diversity Conference explores the latest best practices and research in diversity management specific to changing organizational cultures to increase diversity, inclusion, and performance in the workplace.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy is an annual event bringing aspiring entrepreneurs together to learn practical business skills and apply the entrepreneurial spirit in pursuit of their career goals.

George Mason University School of Business

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