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Advancing Real Estate Knowledge


The ever-changing and complex real estate environment places special demands upon the industry and creates the need for timely interchange and analysis of issues ranging from financial and regional market evolution to changes in the regulatory environment. The George Mason Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship seeks to provide critical analysis and academic programming relevant to real estate markets, institutions, and policy. The center seeks to foster an exchange of ideas among professionals within the real estate industry and to facilitate interaction and learning among real estate professionals, policymakers, university academics, and students.

Mason's Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship has a variety of exciting opportunities open to public and private industry leaders with an interest in the evolution and analysis of real estate markets, institutions and policy. Center Members benefit by participating in professional gatherings, academically oriented activities, and research seminars. Members also lead the planning and convening of these forums and share valuable insights and learning with industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and students.

Membership to the Real Estate Center is available at four levels:

  • Advisory Council is comprised of the highest-level advisors to the Center who are recruited for their unprecedented expertise, insight and industry experience. Advisory Council members help define the future of real estate at George Mason University.
  • Executive Committee members are targeted for their commitment to education and outstanding experience in the real estate industry. The Executive Committee serves as the steering mechanism for the Center Board of Directors.
  • Leadership Council members are recruited for their broad expertise and industry insight covering all facets of the real estate industry and related sectors. The Leadership Council guides the Center's strategic planning efforts and serves to identify issues critical to the expansion and growth of the Real Estate center.
  • Center Membership is open to public and private industry leaders with a strong background and interest in the real estate industry. Center members support the programmatic endeavors of the Center.

To learn more please contact Robert Wulff, Director, Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship, 703-993-8949, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..