George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Mason campus students

Mason Core Courses

School of Business students must complete the Mason Core requirements, plus 1 additional credit of natural science (the School of Business natural science requirement must be fulfilled by completing two 4-credit laboratory sciences). Some Mason Core requirements may already be fulfilled by the School of Business course requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisors to ensure they fulfill all remaining Mason Core requirements.

  • Foundation Requirements
    • Written Communication (6 credits) – ENGH 101 or 100 (for non-native speakers) and ENGH 302 (business section recommended)
    • Oral Communication (3 credits)
    • Information Technology (3 credits)*
    • Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)*
  • Core Requirements
    • Arts (3 credits)
    • Global Understanding (3 credits)*
    • Literature (3 credits)
    • Natural Sciences (8 credits)
    • Social and Behavior Sciences (3 credits)*
    • Western Civilization (3 credits)
  • Synthesis Requirement (3 credits)*

See the University Catalog for course descriptions.

*Completed by college requirement for the School of Business