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School of Business Foundation Courses

The requirements for School of Business Foundation Courses changed in fall 2015.  Click here to view the requirements for students enrolled in the School of Business prior to fall 2015.  Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a School of Business academic advisor to ensure they meet the appropriate requirements for their program.

For students starting in fall 2015, the following School of Business foundation courses are required, in addition to the Mason Core general education, towards the bachelor of science degree. A grade of C or higher is required in each of the School of Business foundation courses listed below.

  • ACCT 203 Survey of Accounting (3 credits) or ACCT 204 Honors Survey of Accounting (3 credits)
  • BUS 100 Business and Society (3 credits) 
  • BUS 103 Develop Professional Skills I: Foundational Elements (3 credits)
  • BUS 200 Global Environment of Business (3 credits)
  • BUS 210 Business Analytics I (3 credits)
  • BUS 310 Business Analytics II (3 credits)
  • ECON 103 Contemporary Microeconomics Principles (3 credits)
  • ECON 104 Contemporary Macroeconomics Principles (3 credits)
  • And one of the following:
    • MATH 108 Introductory Calculus with Business Applications (3 credits)
    • MATH 113 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (4 credits)
    • MATH 114 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (4 credits)
    • HNRT 225 Applied Calculus (3 credits)

BUS 100 satisfies Mason Core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement. BUS 200 satisfies Mason Core Global Understanding requirement. MATH 108 or MATH 113 satisfies the Mason Core Quantitative Reasoning requirement.

See the University Catalog for course descriptions.