George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

isom student

Major in Information Systems and Operations Management

Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) is designed to meet the market demand for graduates who can design and manage technology-driven business solutions. The BS in ISOM prepares you for a range of career options that intersect people, processes, and technology.

Our ISOM curriculum emphasizes business-relevant concepts of information technology (IT) combined with practical application through hands-on training. The program of study teaches you how to apply your knowledge of IT and business functions to design, improve, and manage operations and business processes.

As an ISOM graduate, you will work to define requirements, identify IT-driven business solutions, and assist in managing complex technology projects. ISOM faculty mentors can provide additional information on a profession and career in information systems and operations management.

Learning Goals

  • ISOM students can apply knowledge of information technology and business functions to understand its application in assessing, designing and improving business processes.
  • Our students will be aware of the uses of technology in business
  • Our students will be effective communicators
  • Our students will be knowledgeable about the legal environment of business
  • Our students will be critical thinkers