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Information Systems and Operations Management Major

Mason's Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) major is designed to meet the market demand for graduates who can design and manage technology-driven business solutions. As an ISOM major, you will learn to

  • Leverage information systems
  • Improve business models and processes
  • Oversee supply chain operations
  • Manage database systems, networks, and websites
  • Make appropriate corporate investments into business technology
  • Manage complex technology projects

Mason’s ISOM program prepares you for a range of career options that intersect people, processes, and technology.

Learning Goals for ISOM Majors

  • Apply knowledge of information technology and business functions to understand its application in assessing, designing and improving business processes.
  • Become aware of the uses of technology in business
  • Communicate effectively
  • Increase knowledge about the legal environment of business
  • Learn how to be critical thinkers

ISOM faculty mentors can provide additional information on information systems jobs and operations management jobs. For more information about the faculty mentor program, please contact businfo@gmu.edu.

View the ISOM curriculum in the current University Catalog or University Catalog Archives. You may also find a sample 4-year plan on the Resources page.