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marketing major

Major in Marketing

The marketing program prepares you for a broad range of global and domestic career options. Opportunities are increasing in marketing as government agencies, the nonprofit sector, service industries and small businesses adopt a marketing orientation traditionally perceived as a practice limited to large corporations.

A major in marketing provides you with a solid background in marketing concepts and practices, with emphasis on market analysis and planning, research, consumer behavior, and advertising management. Since marketing draws on a variety of disciplines for its foundation and is practiced globally, you are encouraged to take electives in related fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, public policy, international studies, computer science, and foreign languages.

Marketing facutly mentors can provide additional information on a profession and career in marketing.

Learning Goals

  • Marketing students can produce an acceptable marketing plan.
  • Our students will be aware of the uses of technology in business
  • Our students will be effective communicators
  • Our students will be knowledgeable about the legal environment of business
  • Our students will be critical thinkers