George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Minor in International Business

As a School of Business major, you will develop a strong set of business skills through the core undergraduate curriculum and your business major courses. The Minor in International Business can further develop your skills in managing and communicating across different cultures, improve your understanding of how specific business disciplines vary in an international setting, and cultivate an appreciation for international monetary issues.

  • Restricted to undergraduate students with a major in the School of Business
  • Take your business education and further develop skills in cross-cultural business in order to keep up with globalization
  • Includes a co-curricular requirement that can include a residency, international internship, study abroad, or foreign language course
  • 15 credit requirement and up to two classes can be used for dual credit (major and minor)
  • ‚ÄčIncludes the choice of taking an economic development or international economic policy course at College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The minor requires the successful completion of 15 credits (5 courses) with a grade of C or higher. Requires sophomore standing (30 earned credits) to begin the minor courses.

International Business Minor Information Sheet
Important Steps to Declare a Business Minor