George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

A Diverse Campus

International Students

The following information should make your transition to George Mason and the School of Business a little easier.


If you have not already left your home country, it is essential to bring copies of what you have submitted to both George Mason and the organization that evaluated your international transcript. You will need these copies and official course descriptions (in English) for the courses you think are equivalent to Mason courses.

Upon Arrival

You should check in immediately with the Office of International Programs and Services on our campus. There are many new requirements that only they can help you understand. You are responsible for following all the rules and regulations that immigration requires. The staff in the Office of International Programs and Services will help you determine what applies to you.

Transfer Credits

If you would like to transfer credits, submit one copy of your international evaluation with your reevaluation request as well as official course descriptions for reevaluation courses. Get these descriptions before you leave your country if possible. Keep copies for future use. We need this to determine the level and credits for the course. Official course description must be in English or an official translation. Get help translating documents into English.

Welcome to the United States and best of luck in your studies at George Mason University!