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Transfer - Other Institutions

We hope your transition from your previous institution is going smoothly. Often new transfer students have many questions that are unique to transferring. You might be asking some of the following questions:

  • Why are some of the courses I have taken not appearing on my transfer equivalency worksheet?
  • Why are some of the courses I have taken not transferring as Mason equivalents?
  • How do I get these courses reevaluated?
  • How do I register?

This section provides the answers to these questions and is essential for your successful transition to Mason.

Read this section carefully.

  • What courses should you take in your first semester? When you receive admission to George Mason University, you will receive a "Transfer Equivalency Worksheet" which lists the courses you took elsewhere and their respective course numbers at Mason. Using this worksheet and your online degree evaluation, you can determine the courses you have completed and those you have yet to complete.
    • If you have earned a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree (recognized by Mason) from another institution you may not be responsible for the University General Education (Mason Core) Requirements.
    • Missing courses? If there are courses you have taken that do not appear on your transfer equivalency worksheet you need to complete the Transfer Credit Inquiry Form that can be obtained online or from Mason's Office of Admissions in Johnson Center, room 213.
  • Courses not transferring as you think they should? If you have courses transferring in as electives (e.g., ACCT---, ECON---) but you think they are equivalent to Mason courses, you should link to our site on how to reevaluate transfer credits.
  • Do you know how to register and the deadlines?
  • Do you know about the placement test for Math 108?
  • Want a job in your field at graduation? Taking courses is only half the battle. You need to be prepared for the job search. Check out our Career Services.
  • Do you know what you should do after registering and what is available to School of Business students?