George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

undergrad students

Independent Study

In order to register for an independent study (a 499 course in ACCT, FNAN, MGMT, MIS, MKTG or OM you need to create a proposal describing what you will read, learn, and produce during this course. You need to obtain a faculty sponsor for the course. If a faculty member agrees to be a sponsor, you need to submit the proposal signed by your faculty sponsor to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in Enterprise Hall, Room 008. If the proposal is approved, the Associate Dean will authorize your registration in the course. For more details click here.

Study Elsewhere

Please read carefully the School of Business Course Elsewhere Policy before submitting the appropriate Request to Take Courses Elsewhere form and documentation to Office of Academic and Career Services, Room 008 of Enterprise Hall.

Change of Final Exam

If you need to change the date of your final exam for unusual circumstances or because you have three or more finals scheduled in one day, obtain the professor’s signature on the Change of Final Exam Request form and submit it to Office of Academic and Career Services, Room 008 of Enterprise Hall.

Course/Credit Overload

Students who wish to take more than 18 credits in one semester should make an appointment to meet with an advisor to discuss this request.

Grade Appeal

You should first contact your professor to discuss the grade. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the professor, please contact the Area Chair responsible for the class. The Area Chair can explain next steps in the appeal process.  You can find the Area Chairs here:  http://business.gmu.edu/academic-departments/.  If you are unable to identify which area is responsible for your class, please contact the School of Business Academic Services Office.  Please note that the School of Business handles grade appeals only for those classes taught by School of Business professors. If the course in question is taught by another department, you should contact that department for their grade appeal procedure.  Also please note, that you may request that the School of Business Office of Academic Services delays imposing an academic suspension if the results of a pending grade appeal could change your academic status.  An approved delay allows you to register while the appeal is in process.  See Catalog Academic Policy AP.3.9.1

Permission to Take Classes While on Suspension

Taking time off due to a suspension is in the best interest of a student. If there are documented extenuating circumstances that affected your academic performance, you can submit an appeal to take classes while on suspension. You must view an online Academic Status Information presentation before submitting an appeal. After completing the online session, call 703-993-1880 to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. Please note that permission to attend classes while on suspension is rarely given.