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The School of Business provides quality education and services to assist its students as they implement their academic and career goals.

  1. 4-year Plans by Major
    Students are strongly encouraged to use these sample 4-year plans to map their path to graduation. Students can plot these requirements into their own long range plan. 

    These sample plans are for students who started their degree programs in fall 2015 or later.
  2. Degree Evaluation

    As a degree seeking student at Mason, you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your degree program and making sure that you are taking the courses your program requires for graduation.

    Directions on how to use and read Degree Works (catalog years fall 2012 after) 

    Instructions on how to read your CAPP Degree Evaluation (catalog years prior to fall 2012)

  3. Faculty Mentors

    Accounting (ACCT)

    Finance (FNAN)

    Information Systems Operations Management (ISOM)

    Management (MGMT)

    Marketing (MKTG)


  4. Library Services

    The School of Business offers access to specialized services through the University Library system. These include:

    • School of Business Librarian: Jo Ann Henson the designated Librarian for business students and can serve as both a research guide and resource for any library resources. You can schedule an appointment with her directly here: Schedule an appointment
    • Customized research guides covering a range of business topics: Business Research Guides
    George Mason University provides students access to a wealth of information and resources through its University Library system. Please click here for access to the University Library.
  5. Living Learning Communities

    The School of Business is excited to welcome upperclassmen and freshmen from all fields of study who are passionate about new learning opportunities to apply for one of our three living learning communities (LLC) for the 2019-2020 academic year.

    • Entrepreneurship LLC: This learning community will help you build a strong portfolio that will demonstrate to your future employers that you are a great problem solver and are prepared to start your own business. By participating in this community, you will connect with other entrepreneurially minded students and mentors in the innovation world.
    • Business LLC: Business-minded students from all fields of study are invited to join a community that is truly passionate about changing the world. This community will allow you to further your understanding of business principles and concepts, and apply them to unique experiences, programs, and discussions with alumni and corporate executives.
    • Accounting LLC: This living learning community is welcome only to Accounting majors. Through alumni mentors and panel discussions, this experience will allow you to gain a real-world perspective into the ever-changing Washington, D.C. Metro area and various internship possibilities.
  6. Registering for Classes

    Online information about registration is available on the Registrar’s web site, including a short video with detailed instructions: Online guide to registration via Patriot Web

    After determining what classes to take (always have a list of alternatives), you should visit the Registrar’s site for the Schedule of Classes and the registration times.

    Special issues that you should be aware of while registering are:

    • Prerequisites: Always make certain you have the prerequisites for the courses you are planning to take and be sure to register for any missing prerequisites for the upcoming semester.
    • Linked Courses: If you are registering for a linked course (a lecture and lab or recitation), you need to register for the lecture first and then the lab or recitation.
    • Location: Make certain on which campus the course is being taught. You can not have back-to-back classes if one is on the Fairfax campus and the other at the Prince William campus.
    • Waitlist: If a class is full you can put yourself on the waitlist. Check the Registrar’s site for the university waitlisting instructions. The School of Business waitlist procedures are different than other departments.
    • Add/Drop: Be aware of the last day to add and/or drop. Adding/dropping classes after the deadline should only be used when extenuating circumstances beyond your control prevented you from adjusting your schedule by the deadlines. Permission to add/drop courses after the deadline is rarely given.

    After registering for classes you should check your schedule online. Make a copy of the schedule and a copy of your Degree Evaluation after the last day to drop. The copies are two valuable pieces of official documentation that may help to support requests at later dates.

  7. Research Opportunities

    The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities and Research (OSCAR) supports undergraduate success by encouraging a culture of scholastic inquiry through student research and creative activities.

  8. Tutors

    The School of Business has a strong commitment to our students and their success. Many of our student organizations offer tutoring services.

    Check with each student club and with the Office of Student Success and Academic Services to see if tutoring is available and what hours are provided.

    For our students' safety, we do not endorse any private tutors. Additional tutors may be found through:


  9. Understand your Academic Standing

    Academic Standing is a University wide determination of a student’s academic progress. Students who have a cumulative GPA less than 2.0 are not meeting satisfactory academic progress and are issued a standing based on a ranged comparison between overall attempted credit hours and cumulative GPA. To see how each category is determined and a chart to describe each standing, please click here.

    For more information on academic standing and the associated policies, please click here.

    If you are a George Mason University School of Business student currently on Academic Suspension, please click here to view details of the School’s Return to Success program.