George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

The management area is comprised of faculty who excel in both teaching and scholarly endeavors. Management faculty members regularly publish in top management journals, are editors and on the editorial boards of leading management-related journals, and have been recipients of awards from leading professional organizations. The management faculty possesses a wide variety of experiences in international business, profit and non-profit firms, government agencies, and research institutions.

The management major prepares students to lead people, think strategically, and create successful organizational environments. This includes learning how to motivate human capital, encourage teamwork, identify competitive advantage, build and change organizations, negotiate effectively, make decisions, and succeed in diverse and multicultural work environments. The management major focuses on giving students the skills necessary to set the direction for organizations in a changing world and bring people together to achieve objectives.

Skills Needed  
•Active listening •Oral communication
•Adaptability •Organization
•Analytical thinking •Problem solving
•Interpersonal skills •Project planning
•Investigating data •Public speaking
•Leadership •Strategic and systemic thinking
•Managing people •Written communication