George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

A major in marketing provides students with a solid background in marketing concepts and practices, with emphasis on market analysis and planning, research, consumer behavior and advertising management. Since marketing draws on a variety of disciplines for its foundation and is practiced globally, marketing majors are encouraged to take electives in related fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, public policy, international studies, computer science and foreign languages.

Marketing majors learn how to match market opportunities to an organization’s goals; understand consumer needs; and design, deliver and communicate the value of products and services in a dynamic, competitive environment. The knowledge students gain from this major helps them chart new pathways for domestic and global market success. In a recent study, 67% of executives questioned said they expected their hiring of marketing professionals to increase in the next few years.

Skills Needed  
•Active listening •Oral communication
•Analytical thinking •Persuasion
•Analyzing systems •Presentation / public speaking
•Budget planning •Program coordination
•Creativity •Social perceptiveness
•Critical thinking •Social research
•Independent thinking •Written communication
•Leading teams