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Mason’s Business School alumni shape the business and political world of Virginia! Our very own Jason Howell, BS Accounting ’97, has been a huge part of the Mason community throughout his years in and out of college. Not only is Jason a Business School alumnus, he also serves as a Friend of the Board for the Alumni Chapter. In 2013, Jason was peer-nominated and honored as a 20 Prominent Patriot due to his outstanding citizenship, scholarship and leadership in his daily life.

10448511_1505643429691746_1152463560666388293_oJason currently works as a financial adviser for NY Life Securities, LLC. He guides first generation professionals towards financial success with investments, protection and eventually retirement. “First generation” professionals include first generation Americans and first generation family members that want to start planning a financial future.

In 2011, Jason decided to run as an Independent for United States Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. He made this decision after the US debt was downgraded by Standard and Poors bond rating service. Jason wanted to work on the House Budget Committee and Financial Services Committee as a non-partisan Independent to objectively write law to fix the financial challenges our country was faced with. Although he was not victorious, Jason still gained endorsements from the Southern States Police Benevolent Association (SSPBA) and attained the most votes (10,180) among all the independent 2012 Congressional candidates in Virginia and in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District’s recent history!

After the campaign, Jason continued to serve his constituents as a financial service professional. This allowed him to help regular people with their personal “economy” all while sitting at their kitchen tables.

11046812_10153250584304739_6476521199536587555_nOn November 20, 2014 Jason made his debut on News Channel 8 where he responded to President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Jason landed his place in the spotlight due to his political involvement and his past position as President of ALPFA-DC.

Once was not enough for Jason. On March 15, 2015, he had a guest appearance on News Channel 8’s Capital Insider program as an “Independent Strategist.” Jack Burkman, Republican Strategist, and Jason discussed – rather than debated, Hilary Clinton’s e-mail controversy, the GOP’s letter to Iran, and the political scandal involving Representative Aaron Schock and Senator Bob Menendez.

Jason’s current political participation is focused on generating support for One Virginia 2021. One Virginia 2021 is an organization dedicated to ending gerrymandering in Virginia by the next census date.

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