MKTG 491 Direct Marketing Special Topics Course for Fall 2019

MKTG 491 001: Direct Marketing

Elective, Fall 2019
Monday 4:30-7:10 P.M.
CRN: 80371

Please note: MKTG 491 is the course number used for special topics courses. Do not let the course number intimidate you. NEW – PLEASE NOTE: The course perquisites are: C or higher in MKTG 301 or MKTG 303. If you do have problems, please contact the Academic Advisors in Enterprise Hall, Room 008 or at (703) 993-1880.

Direct marketing is one area of Integrated Marketing Communications where budgets are growing. Direct uses print, broadcast, digital, mail and more to connect with buyers and potential buyers in both B2B and B2C areas. It’s especially important in the nonprofit world—a major employment opportunity sector in this area.

This course covers the whole process: planning the campaign, developing the creative approaches, selecting media, offering it to the potential buyers, seeing that the offer is fulfilled and developing the databases to enable future efforts. It’s an area of constant testing and experimentation. One of distinguishing features is the ability to know exactly how a particular campaign works and then how to improve on it.

This is a course for those Marketing students who want to use their creativity as well as those who enjoy working with numbers. It draws on and supports virtually every other part of marketing. This fits with whatever else you may be studying in Marketing. The class will draw on important speakers from the field and active members of the direct marketing community. You’ll be well-positioned to enter into the growing field of marketing.

Here’s another opportunity: Each spring there is a major student competition in the Metropolitan DC, Direct Marketing field. In spring 2017, a team from George Mason entered for the first time and won the competition! Students from this class will be well-prepared to compete in this high-profile competition.

Please note: This is a limited offering. While it was offered once before in 2016, there are no plans to offer it again in the next year or two.

The instructor for the course has used direct marketing professionally, and he is a member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Direct Marketing Association Washington Educational Foundation. He also won the Direct Marketing Association of Washington/Education Foundation’s O’Hara Leadership Award for his work in teaching direct marketing concepts.


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Mary Byerley

Mary Byerley serves in the Office of Student Success and Academic Services for the School of Business at George Mason University.