Waitlist Policy Change Beginning Fall 2019


-Waitlists overrides remain on account for 48 hours
-The last override will be issued on the last day of add/drop for that part of term
-If you are given an override on the last day to add classes, you will only have until 11:59pm that day to add the class.

Important information about the waitlist process:

  • Not all Mason courses offer a waitlist.
  • You will not be automatically registered from a waitlist.
  • Waitlist overrides are issued when seats become available.
  • Waitlist overrides remain on your account for 48 hours.
  • Waitlist overrides are removed from your record if you do not use them within the 48 hour time period.
  • Waitlist overrides can be viewed via Patriot Web on the Registration Status and Time Ticket, Override Notification, Waitlist Position screen.
  • You must check your Mason e-mail account on a daily basis. You will be notified via e-mail when a waitlist override has been issued.
  • If you see an open seat, DO NOT try to remove yourself from the waitlist until you receive the override.
  • After receiving a waitlist override, you must move yourself from the waitlist to the class roster by following the steps below:
  1. Login to Patriot Web
  2. On the Registration menu – Select Register, Add or Drop Classes
  3. Locate the course and section that received the waitlist override
  4. Make note of the CRN
  5. Web Drop from that course – Submit Changes
  6. Re-enter the CRN – Submit Changes
  • All waitlists are purged on the last day to add classes.

Click here for this information on the Registrar’s website: