REMINDER – Webcams Needed in New Computing Laptop Policy

Updated School of Business Laptop Policy as of Summer 2020

The School of Business laptop policy has been updated to include necessary changes. The updated policy will be in effect starting with the beginning of Summer 2020 classes.

School of Business Minimum Computing Requirements for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

*REMINDER – Webcams Needed in New Computing Laptop policy

Operating System: Windows Operating System 10 or newer is required. Mac users are required to install a Windows partition on the hard drive to run the Windows operating system.
• It is the responsibility of Mac users to install and create this Windows partition as business courses require the usage of software that runs on Windows (partition may slow laptop performance)
• Examples of partitions that can be used are VMware Fusion or Bootcamp (

Memory: 8 GB (recommend 10GB or higher)
*Video/audio streaming capability: Students must have a video camera and microphone that feed or stream audio and video in real time to or through the internet. Instructors may ask students to activate the camera and microphone for class activities.
Hard drive free space: at least 120 GB free space (recommend 250 GB free space or higher)
Network Capability: wireless capability required (recommend wired network capability also)

• All Mason students can download Windows operating system and VMware Fusion for free from the Microsoft Imagine Premium and Vmware -OnTheHub (available once semester begins and registered in a Business School class)
• MS Office ProPlus (available for free for students at
• Note: the non-Professional version is not acceptable because it does not include MS Access.
• Antivirus Software (available for free for students at
• Internet browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended)
• Other software for individual courses may need to be installed

All School of Business Undergraduate Students must have access to a portable computing device that meets the following minimum standards. Students are required to bring their laptops to class if asked by the instructor. Phones of any sort are not acceptable in place of a laptop, and also a keyboard is required.

The cost of a computer can be included in the student’s estimated cost of attendance. In order to do this, students must provide a copy of their receipt or purchase order for their computer and submit that to their assigned Financial Aid Counselor. This can be done once during the student’s academic program.

Students can reach their Financial Aid Counselor via email at:

Mary Byerley

Mary Byerley serves in the Office of Student Success and Academic Services for the School of Business at George Mason University.