Updates to ACCT 303 and Deletion of ACCT 330 Starting Fall 2020

Starting fall 2020, ACCT 303: Accounting for Decision Making
will be required for all School of Business students, including Accounting and Finance
majors. ACCT 330 will no longer be offered starting fall 2020 as the faculty
have updated ACCT 303 to include elements and learning outcomes of ACCT 330.

Students who completed ACCT 303 prior to fall 2020 will be unable to
change their majors to accounting or finance as this is not the updated version
of the course.
If you have questions regarding this change please
speak to an academic
in the School of Business.

Starting fall 2020, the newly updated ACCT 303 is a survey
class which includes elements of Auditing, Tax, Cost and Financial Accounting. The
class will:

  • examine the types of financial audit opinions given and the impact of these opinions,
  • provide an overview of tax
  • examine managerial accounting input into planning and financial accounting from the viewpoint of preparers and users of financial statements
    • this includes a detailed review of the accounting cycle, preparing financial statements to reflect financing, operating, and investing decisions of the firm and using financial statement information to make financing, operating and investing decisions for the firm.
  • review elements of fraud and review and discuss different cases of fraud in reporting.