Earn Credit for Your Internship with BUS 492

The Internship for Academic Credit Course (BUS 492) is a three-credit School of Business Elective course designed to give students the opportunity to gain practical, professional experience in conjunction with their academic development. The internship must be completed within same academic semester or module schedule in order to receive credit.

Find an Internship 

Before you can receive credit for your internship, you must obtain one first! You can find a variety of opportunities through Handshake and Linkedin, but don’t let your search be limited there. 

Be sure to connect with The School of Business Office of Career Services to set up your application materials so that you are best prepared for your internship search! 

Submit an Application 

It is important to confirm that you meet the following requirements for the course prior to applying: 

  • Have a Bachelor of Science status in School of Business 
  • Have completed 75 hours of course credit 
  • Have a cumulative GPA of a 2.8 or higher 
  • Complete a minimum of 150 hours at their internship site during the course
  • Submit an internship application 
  • Obtain the employer’s signature on the experiential learning agreement 

When you’re ready, applications can be found here:

Materials required: 

  • Job Description or Offer Letter 
  • Supervisor Contact Information 
  • 5 Learning Objectives for your Internship 
  • Job Site Information 

Get your Employer’s Signature 

Once you have submitted your application, two automated emails will be sent to your listed supervisor, one agreeing to the learning objectives listed, and another verifying the confirmation of their e-signature. These at times have been sent to a junk/clutter folder, so make sure you communicate with your supervisor to keep an eye out for these emails. 

Register for the Course  

After we have received the application and employer’s signatures, we will process the proper override for your Patriotweb account and send you an email notifying you that you are now permitted to register for the course.