APPLY NOW! Internship Access Award, Summer 2021

The Internship Access Award – Summer, 2021

The George Mason University School of Business Office of Career Services and Business for a Better World Center will offer financial awards (minimum $1250) to students who have secured an unpaid or low paid internship during summer, 2021 for whom the internship presents a financial hardship. These awards are available exclusively for School of Business students who have accepted an internship outside the university. The award is designed to help offset expenses while allowing our students to gain valuable work and industry experience or by participating in an internship that results in changing the world for the better.  

Minimum Requirements:

  • George Mason – School of Business degree-seeking students.
  • The Internship Access Award program is open to undergraduate students participating in unpaid or low paid internships outside of the university.
  • Students must have a 2.8 GPA
  • Summer internship must be at least 150 hours over the course of the summer, 2021

To apply for the Internship Access Award, please provide the following and ensure your name and email is on all application materials:

  1. Current Resume – Please included current GPA
  2. Copy of internship position description and offer letter.  Letter must indicate number of hours/length of the position and specifically state the salary or stipend amount. Please indicate if this is an unpaid internship.
  3. Please answer the following short essay questions (250 words maximum per question)
    1. How will this internship impact your career goals? Please be as specific as possible.  Include learning objectives, activities, major(s)/minor(s) and responsibilities.
    2. We will consider student financial need when reviewing applications. Please provide a budget or outline your expenses and need for additional funds. 

Application deadline for summer, 2021 is Friday, May 15, 2021

All application materials should be emailed to Kerry Willigan, Assistant Dean, Career Services at  by 5pm Friday, May 15, 2021.

The 2021 School of Business Internship Access Award program is made available through the generosity of alumni and faculty donors, Business for a Better World Center Board members, department supporters, and the Women in Business Initiative.