New MKTG 491: Emerging Tech in Marketing Topics Course for Spring 2022

MKTG 491: Topics Course – Emerging Tech in Marketing
Elective: Spring 2022
MKTG 491- Section 002

CRN: 23301
Wednesdays: 4:30pm-7:10pm
Instructor: Professor Gautham Vadakkepatt

Course Description

Increasingly, technology has become integral aspect of marketing. Successful marketers are ones who integrate technology into all aspects of a firm’s marketing strategy. To this end, this course will introduce students to emerging technologies in marketing and how they can be incorporated into a firm’s marketing strategy. Students will walk away having an understanding of topics such as:

  1. Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing Strategy.
  2. Processes through which firms can leverage Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to reduce friction and build customer loyalty.
  3.  Leveraging AR, VR, MR, chatbots, and the metaverse to enhance customer experience.
  4.  Programmatic advertising and its influence a firm’s communication strategy.
  5.  Robots in service encounters and human-machine interactions in Marketing.

The teaching pedagogy will comprise of faculty-led lectures, case discussions, and guest-lectures by industry experts.

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Mary Byerley

Mary Byerley serves in the Office of Student Success and Academic Services for the School of Business at George Mason University.