First Day Jitters

The first day jitters always affect me when attending a new school. My first week in Mason’s MBA Program was no different! The small class size and the familiarity of my peers were very helpful in calming my nerves. Although I was in a new place, learning unfamiliar things, the overall feel of the Mason campus was invigorating. Eating at the Johnson Center, walking to class with my peers, and learning from bright professors all seemed very natural. The first day jitters were gone within minutes.

The lectures were loaded with information, which can make it difficult to keep up. Studying and familiarizing myself with the basics helped with the work load. Everyone was willing to help each other which made learning easier and more comfortable. Without asking for help, my fellow MBA students were offering their services. Professors were open to any type of question and were willing to help in any area of concern. I had the feeling that not only was I surrounded by good people, but I was surrounded by people who wanted everyone to succeed.

Written by Andrew Desing, full-time MBA student and Graduate Admissions Ambassador for the MBA Programs.

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