MBA Admissions Help for Effective Applications

Each applicant to an MBA program wants his or her application to be the most effective —why else would they spend time going through the application process? Most will agree that achieving an effective application is easier said than done, and will also agree that we all can use a little MBA admissions help. I have pulled together a few articles here that I have found particularly helpful, especially for the essay process.

MBA Podcaster has provided quite a bit of MBA admissions help in its blogpost that re-envisions Steven Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. In “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective MBA Applicants,” Avi Gordon writes his version.

Habit #1 is especially helpful: Know thyself. This is of course the Oracle at Delphi, but Covey wasn’t original either. The fact remains that self-knowledge, particularly in this case knowledge of the parts of yourself that count for MBA admissions and being able to find these attributes in your profile—is the core of MBA admissions success.”

I also like #6: Be bigger than you. Successful MBA applicants have walked the walk of doing something that is not entirely self-oriented. As I’ve written elsewhere, you don’t have to have fed the starving in Ethiopia: almost any form of unpaid community involvement counts.”

Gordon offers more MBA admissions help in another post on the entrance essay that talks about the importance of mixing non-workplace stories into the essay. He says this does more than only demonstrate that you have some kind of work-life balance.

He also goes on to offer reason #3: Your work will change.

“By definition, if you are about to embark on an MBA, your professional life will change dramatically. Whatever you’re doing now, you won’t be doing it after graduation. So, whatever your workplace story, you are focusing the admissions reader on your past, while she is in fact looking to your professional future and trying to make a judgment about your ability to progress there.”

These are just two of articles I have read recently that seem to offer refreshing and helpful MBA admissions help. Numbers of applications to MBA programs in Virginia are rising, and we all have to do everything possible to get ours to stand out from the rest.

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