Tips on Reading Comprehension for the GMAT

One of the most pressing questions about the GMAT comes from those looking for tips on reading comprehension. It is no big surprise to learn that one of the best tips on reading comprehension is to simply read, read, read—read the best possible material, all of the time. This is true for all types of reading comprehension, and it is just as true that one of the best ways to prepare for the GMAT reading comprehension section is to read the highest quality GMAT-style material.

A recent post at the GMAT Club lists several tips on reading comprehension that includes a reading list. If you have a decent amount of time before you take the test, this is a great post that offers great tips on reading comprehension.

The post suggests that, because all GMAT reading comprehension passages fall into either Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, or Business, “A good reading plan for the GMAT should cover all four of these areas, and should all be material written at a high level of English usage.” Don’t use Wikipedia because, even though it might provide you with information, “there’s no guarantee the grammar or the choice of vocabulary will be of the highest quality.”

“The easiest area for which to make a recommendation is business, and there are more Reading Comprehension passages on this in the OG than on any of the other three categories.  If you are planning to go to Business school, get an MBA, and pursue a corporate career, you already should be reading the Wall Street Journal newspaper every day and the Economist magazine every week.”

For physical and biological sciences, the post offers Scientific American as a great source. Reading for the social sciences may be a little more difficult, as the best material will be found in academic journals and not found so easily on the shelf. The post also emphasizes the importance of the use of textbooks.

Check out the post for more excellent tips on reading comprehension test preparation. Is there any reading material in particular that you’ve found helpful as you apply to the top business schools in Virginia? Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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