Business School Curriculum Essentials: What to Expect?

What do you expect from a business school curriculum? Or, perhaps more importantly, what should you expect from a business school curriculum? The curriculum of any program will depend on the school and the type of program, and will vary based on whether it is full-time or part-time.

A traditional curriculum will have some type of core program—typically 33 required classes and 15 electives. A full-time program will usually be completed in 21 months. There are many part-time or otherwise flexible programs that help you complete your schoolwork while still working; these programs usually take at least 24 months to complete.

In a quality program, you will most likely take classes in statistics, organized behavior, managerial economics and finance, financial reporting, marketing management. Much of this will be tackled in the first year. The curriculum should also include a global residency, usually taken in your last semester.

Most programs of study will also provide several concentrations and specializations. For example, a program might offer concentrations in accounting, marketing, information systems management, financial management, entrepreneurship, and project management. It might also offer such specializations as international business or real estate finance. Specializations will not show up on your transcript, but will help you gain expertise in your chosen area.

Perhaps you are already a business executive and are looking for ways to expand your business and yourself. In this case, you will probably not need a traditional business school curriculum, and be interested in a program that provides you with an executive MBA. This curriculum will focus more on developing real world skills to help you in the decisions you make for your business.

How do you pick a business school curriculum for you? Essentials should include flexibility, specificity, a strong and varied core, and the ability to tailor the program to your own goals. Do you need a more flexible schedule or a more organized program? When you’re getting your MBA in Virginia, remember that the more you know what you expect from your program, the more satisfied you will be overall.

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