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There are few of us, in this hyper-technological era, who can operate without a smart phone. We do everything on them—bank, photograph, write, game, read, watch television and movies, work. The list of uses goes on and on. And we have been talking so much recently about successful GMAT review—what about combining the two? Is there a GMAT mobile app to help us study on the go?

It is not any wonder how many of us are also looking for a decent study app to help us review and study on the go. It’s also little wonder exactly how many options we have to choose from. Take a look at the app store on your iPhone, and take your pick of hundreds of apps to help you prepare.

Just because there are hundreds to choose from, however, doesn’t mean that they are all worthy of the download. Which GMAT mobile app is your best bet? Here are few that are worth a look.

The official GMAT mobile app—offered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)—was released in late 2012 and is the 13th edition Official Guide for GMAT Review. It was originally available just for iPhone, iPad, and iPod but is now available for your Android.  Additionally, it has been edited to incorporate the new Integrated Reasoning (IR) section.

This GMAT mobile app costs $4.99 to download and “includes review modules; 50 verbal and quantitative questions; access to four integrated reasoning questions at the IR component website; answer explanations; exam preparation resources; and an app tutorial.”

Beat the GMAT has also compiled a list of mobile review apps. Some are free, such as the flashcards offered from Beat the GMAT or ManhattanGMAT, while others, such as Kaplan’s apps, will cost you $4.99-$6.99.

Many of the apps you can find in your phone’s marketplace will be free or cost just a nominal fee. Some offer a comprehensive review while others are more focused. There is no doubt that an additional research can only help, but make sure it’s a good one. Take a careful look at the reviews before downloading a GMAT mobile app—and especially before spending—to make sure that the apps are fully functional, do what they are supposed to do, and give you a test-like experience that get you familiar with the exam.

Have you found any particularly helpful mobile apps for GMAT review as you prepare for the best business schools in Virginia? Leave a note in the comments!

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