How do you find good MBA programs?

How do you find the right programs for you? How do you even find out what “good MBA programs” means? There are many things to consider when you are trying to decide which program is the best for you.

Some prospective students might simply google “good MBA programs” and wait to see what comes up. In the end, though, only you have the ability to know what the right MBA program for you might be.

Of course, there are certain things that are likely on everyone’s list when they are researching good MBA programs. For example, everyone will be at least mildly concerned about available financial aid and scholarships, the school’s general reputation, career placement, faculty, and so forth.

These are not the only things that make good MBA programs really stand out to individuals, however. Most of us are also concerned with local environment, for example—we may very well want to live in a particular place and are therefore also concerned with find the best program in a certain area. We are also very likely concerned with the general learning environment, which is often overlooked or ignored completely in these types of searches.

Earlier this year, U.S. News and World Report published an article about this very thing called “7 Keys to Finding the Right M.B.A. Learning Environment for You.” Good MBA programs are also going to match your desires in this area, as well.

The article encourages applicants to look at the overall educational philosophy of the program—some programs will have a more traditional, conservative approach, while others are interested in newer and more novel markets. You want to be aware of what you want, and which programs match those wants.

Consider, too, such things as what real-world experience the faculty has, what the student body is up to, or even how the curriculum is set up (What is required? What are the electives?). Do you prefer case-method or lecture-method learning? All of these things are just as important to think about when you are trying to figure out which are the good MBA programs for you.

Maybe you would even like a military MBA. Schools have a lot of requirements for you, but the best way to find the right program for you is to first spend the time thinking about what you expect to get out of your program, and what your own requirements are of the program.



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