Required GMAT scores for MBA programs?

Surviving the GMAT can be a tough business, particularly when you add to that the fact that GMAT scores for MBA programs can be elusive, a good range hard to find. It is a stressful process all around, especially when you can be so uncertain about what is expected of you.

The truth is that the average GMAT scores programs vary by program, and that they are not necessarily a hard and fast rule. With that said, how can you make sure that your score adds up to the other applicants’ scores? There is still an average range and most of us want to be somewhere in there. We’re told that, at elite programs, average GMAT scores for MBA programs will fall between 710 and 720–but of course, this is just the average, and you don’t necessarily need that specific score. Some reports will tell you that once you break 600, you become a more viable applicant. Of course, once you pass 650, you seem even more promising.

For reference, the ballpark for GMAT scores for most MBA programs fall somewhere in the mid-600s, and you can usually find a program’s GMAT range in its brochure or on its website. It’s absolutely possible to still get into a program with a score lower than 600, though the chances get slimmer.

Here is an infographic that breaks down the GMAT and gives you some advice on surviving the prep time in order to reach those GMAT scores for MBA programs, broken down by section and the number of hours you can expect to study for each part.

FindTheBest provides a lot of data about various schools (and topics), including median GMAT scores for MBA programs–it’s like a giant infographic on college programs. Logically, the first step you should take is to know the range scores for each specific school you are interested in. Then, begin studying, practicing, studying, and practicing until your score is in the 80-percent median range for the top business schools in Virginia.



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