GMAT Preparation: Number Properties

GMAT study tips  and GMAT preparation have been a popular discussion trend lately, as applicants really begin to gear up for the test. GMAT Club has recently talked about this vast and mystifying–and yet still incredibly prevalent–topic known as “number properties.”

We’re told that the single-most tested topic in the GMAT quantitative section is this thing known as “number properties,” and that this is also a kind of deceptive statement. What does “number properties” even mean? What exactly are we being tested on?

It’s like saying the biggest category at a particular zoo is mammals: even if that is completely true, that statement alone doesn’t give us a particular clear idea of what kinds of critters we are likely to encounter at the zoo.

So, what does GMAT preparation for number properties look like?

  • Think like a Mathematician: “If, when I say the word “numbers”, you immediately think not only of…numbers but also their negative counterparts, as well as zero, positive & negative fractions, positive & negative decimals, squareroots, pi, etc. etc., then you are thinking like a mathematician.”

GMAT club tells us also, for GMAT preparation, “One very simple trick for success on GMAT math problem: whenever you hear the word “number”, automatically force yourself to think exhaustively of every possibility.”

  • Also remember categories of numbers. This includes integers and positive integers, as well as fractions and decimals (which of course also includes rational and irrational numbers). 

Don’t forget, also, that positive integers are also sometimes called “counting numbers” or “natural numbers”–just usually not on the GMAT. However, when doing your GMAT preparation, remember that the positive integers have many properties unto themselves that you may also have to review.

Check out the links above for more help with number properties. What pieces of advice have been most helpful for you as you prepare your application for Virginia business schools? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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