Navigating Your Route to an MBA

In previous years, MBA students chose their career paths based solely on financial growth and career advancement. While these attributes will always remain vital when selecting an MBA program, modern day students are taking other circumstances into consideration such as a career field’s overall stress and satisfaction levels. The above infographic outlines four common MBA paths and how the aforementioned job aspects compare. Let’s take a closer look at the distinctions between these programs.

First we’ll focus on the popularity, satisfaction, and stress levels of the MBA program path’s listed above. From the infographic, you can clearly see the programs contain varying percentages in each category. One look at the most popular MBA program, Finance, depicts noticeable differences in the amount of stress and satisfaction percentage levels. Although this MBA program’s popularity is preeminent, both its satisfaction and stress levels come in second to last when compared to the other programs.

On the opposite end of the popularity spectrum, we see the Technology Management MBA path has the lowest ranking level of popularity. However, while the popularity of this MBA degree is noticeably low, it contains the highest reported satisfaction levels and lowest stress levels. However, it should be noted that the margin between the highest/lowest stress and satisfaction percentiles are almost negligible in how close they appear to be.

Let’s look at the infographic from another perspective: Income. Obtaining an MBA degree in Marketing, while reportedly providing the lowest job satisfaction and highest levels of stress, offers the largest wage growth at 108% from starting to mid-career salary.

In conclusion, the above data is substantial to consider when determining your MBA path. Each career field contains its share of pros and cons, however the choice is ultimately yours to make. By weighing your options and past career experience, obtaining an MBA degree could be vital to both your monetary needs and overall job satisfaction.

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