Comparing Faculty at Ranked MBA Programs in Virginia

In order to develop the best skills and learn the most up to date and innovative strategies, you must learn from the best professors. When researching ranked MBA programs in Virginia or wherever you’re looking, be sure to compare the faculty at each university that you are considering. It helps to have research active faculty who have both real-world experience and are excellent teachers too.

The top five ranked MBA programs in Virginia (part-time) according to U.S. News & World Report are:

George Mason University School of Management

  • Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech
  • Robins School of Business at University of Richmond
  • Mason School of Business at College of William & Mary
  • Virginia Commonwealth University

Each of these programs offers faculty with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Here’s a short break down of what each university has to say about their faculty for each of the top ranked MBA Programs in Virginia.*

George Mason University School of Management
At George Mason’s School of Management, it’s about more than a textbook—it’s about experiential learning. Faculty provide students with real world insights, a strong theoretical base, and applied learning opportunities that will create a solid foundation for your business future. In the Mason MBA program, you learn from instructors that have achieved international renown for their groundbreaking work in areas such as executive compensation, effects of insider trading on stock and e-commerce, and internal work groups and teams. You will have a chance to work with and learn from instructors that are on the cutting edge in their fields of expertise.

In addition, the Mason MBA faculty has on-going partnerships and relationships with business leaders in the Washington, D.C., metro area. These relationships give you a chance to learn in a real-world business environment and gain a much deeper understanding of specific industries that helps you achieve your career goals.

In the classroom, our instructors incorporate daily opportunities to connect business theory with business practice. Role-playing, simulations, projects, and guest speakers are used to illuminate learning from textbooks, lectures and discussions. Our instructors use the Harvard Case Study method so you spend your time thinking about real business problems, not just theory. As you move through the George Mason University MBA program, your appreciation for your professor’s applied knowledge will grow. You’ll absorb the lessons they have learned during their decades in the business world and be able to apply them yourself.

Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech
Pamplin is committed to providing top-quality business education through outstanding teaching by PhD faculty members, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized researchers. Faculty focus on research, teaching, and service. Many of the faculty members regularly consult with businesses as well as government, bringing in their current real-world understanding into the classroom. The Pamplin College of Business also has several faculty led centers that enable faculty to be at the forefront of innovation and apply their knowledge to the outside world. Pamplin routinely hosts guest speakers presenting on various topics of interest to its students.


Robins School of Business at University of Richmond

The Richmond MBA program relies on close collaboration among the student body, faculty, and Richmond business and community leaders. They combine to create rich and relevant discussions both inside and outside of the classroom. Robins faculty includes members who are recognized both nationally and internationally for their research and teaching excellence and who themselves have unique professional experiences that enhance classroom discussions. Each faculty member is also committed to providing students with individualized attention in small class settings. Their focus on experiential learning presents opportunities for students to prove themselves through successfully navigating in ambiguous environments.

Mason School of Business at College of William & Mary
Mason faculty love to teach. For the second year in a row they received an ‘A+‘ in the BusinessWeek ranking of faculty and they were ranked fifth in the U.S. in the Best Professors category in the most recent rankings by the Princeton Review. Mason’s Fulbright Scholars, entrepreneurs, consultants, and scholars are teachers, too. They’ve studied and consulted business, so they know what real business is and they share that knowledge with their students. Faculty bring their very best to the classroom and encourage their students to also bring their best.


Virginia Commonwealth University

The School of Business at VCU has a productive faculty, with faculty members at different stages of their careers generating a steady stream of scholarly publications and new PhDs. The school’s reputation is spreading, as faculty members travel more to present their research around the country and around the world. Overall research output, as measured by the number of peer-reviewed publications, has increased considerably in the last few years, and output of peer-reviewed publications per dollar of research funding is substantial.

***In order to be the best, you have to learn from the best. When comparing ranked MBA programs in Virginia, be sure to research the faculty who you’ll meet in the classroom. Find those faculty who have dedicated their life to learning and research and learn from them. They will share their knowledge so you can go on to learn the most in your MBA program.*Data obtained from U.S. News & World Report and individual university websites

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