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An ever-increasing number of Americans are applying to business school each year. But who is the average MBA student in the U.S.? According to the infographic above, the average MBA student in Washington, D.C. is a 28 year old male. Let’s take a look at other interesting statistics about MBA students, both nationally and worldwide.

While the youngest age of those attending an MBA program listed on the infographic is 28, a recent study shows 47% of those applying to business school are 24-25 years old. This number has increased nearly 10% compared to 2008. Many have attributed this growing enthusiasm for business school to undergraduate students becoming more career-focused early on.

Moving on to the gender section, we see the male to female ratio is extremely close in most metropolitan areas. In comparison with other countries, the U.S. appears to have the closest male/female percentage of MBA applicants. For example, 79% of those who apply for an MBA program in India are male with only 21% being female.

Interest in U.S. MBA programs remains strong. Compared to 10 years prior, studies are showing a 31% increase in international students applying for business schools in America. Researchers are also predicting a significant jump in both caucasian and hispanic student attendance by 2019. It will be interesting to see if these numbers continue their upwards path in the coming years.

Demographics, while extremely valuable in the present, remain in a constant state of change. Keep an eye out for further reports and surveys displaying MBA population growth and trends. For a longer look at what makes up the average MBA student, check out the infographic above. Interested in exploring MBA programs further? Visit our School of Management homepage for a better look at our offered programs and curriculum.


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