How to Choose the Right Global MBA Program

Across the United States and around the world, a range of global MBA programs are available, but how can you choose which global MBA program is right for you?

These programs generally vary in everything from structure and curriculum to student diversity and global exposure. The goal for most students looking for a global MBA program is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the global economy and the business world. Students should learn to develop analytical and problem solving capabilities that can be applied to business challenges and various cultures around the world.

Make the World Your Classroom

MBA global residency - RioA global MBA program can be delivered in many ways, but as with most things, the best learning can often be attained using a range of methods. For some schools global studies may be limited to textbook studies, but at George Mason University School of Management and other universities, global MBA programs include a global residency program that make the world your classroom. Rather than just having a nose stuck in a book, these programs bring students around the world for a first-hand global business learning experience.

At Mason, the global residency program is a requirement for all MBA students. This opportunity allows students to gain a global perspective and insights into other business cultures, as well as to examine the world economy and the risks and opportunities that exist in global business. Students meet with prominent business leaders and serve as consultants, developing solutions to real-time global business challenges to help teach students about the new global economy. At Mason, residencies rotate every year, among South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

A Global Mosaic in Every Classroom

First-hand experience abroad is not the only way schools offer their global MBA program. Diversity on campus offers students great cultural experiences that are often unmatched. Every school defines diversity in a different way.  At George Mason School of Management, there is great diversity in our classes. We have 85 countries represented by our students and faculty and 63 native languages other than English are spoken here. We bring cultures from around the world together.Lecture Hall

Students in this global MBA program benefit from the shared culture that the international students, faculty and staff bring to Mason. Our community is a wonderful reflection of the global workplace.  Whether it’s sharing about international consulting experience of faculty members, foreign work experiences and cultures of students, or even global business experiences of business leaders, these all offer added wisdom to students, and a strong respect for the cultures of the world.

An International Network

Finally, it’s important to remember, just as with any MBA program, so much of successful business is about networking.  In a global MBA program you want to walk away with an international network. Through the global residency program at Mason, and the diversity in your classroom, that is exactly what students walk away with, a little black book of colleagues that can be consulted throughout your career. Whether it is a question about business or culture, this network of classmates, alumni, faculty, and business professionals, will be there to help.

Do your Research

Choosing the right global MBA program takes research and consideration, but succeeding in the right global MBA program will make it all seem worthwhile. Remember to research a school’s global residency programs.

Also, check the diversity that exists within the classroom from both students and faculty. Working in teams with students from around the world will help you develop a greater understanding of working with various cultures and help you learn how management styles differ in various parts of the world.

And finally, having the opportunity to grow your personal, international network will continue to benefit you far into the future, once your global MBA program has ended.

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