Beautiful Day for MBA Student Association Spring Picnic

By Maggie DeMarco

It would be close to impossible for the MBA Student Association Spring Picnic to have fallen on a more beautiful spring day, one with a bright clear blue sky. While the warm and sunny day made it incredibly easy to be outside socializing, what was even nicer was the chance to see my MBA classmates outside of school.

We all come from our jobs or doing homework in a corner of the Johnson Center before class, so we’re typically ready to get to work and get home when it comes time for class. However, on Saturday I had the ability to actually talk to my classmates as friends—find out about their weddings, their children, and other really important aspects of themselves that make them the awesome people that I have had the chance to work with over the past two years. We obviously fit in personal conversations in between talking about our case analyses or the next big exam, but so much of our focus has been on school.

The MBASA Spring Picnic was the chance to not have to worry about any of the school work plaguing our minds, and just relax with our friends! Many of us, including myself, are just over three weeks away from graduation and events like the MBASA Picnic really emphasize the personal network of friends that we have developed while getting a Mason MBA.


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Kevin Rockmann

I am the associate dean of students at George Mason University's School of Business. My primary teaching assignments are organizational behavior and negotiation in the MBA program. Using theory on identity, decision-making, and social exchange, my research investigates the development and the influence of various types of attachments in organizations, whether they be at the individual, team, professional, or organizational level. My research has appeared in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Small Group Research, and the Research in Managing Groups and Teams book series.

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