Business Schools in VA Have Better ROI

Prospective MBA students generally understand the importance of the bottom line, and this is often why they want to pursue a graduate business degree—to increase their bottom line. This is especially important when deciding between business schools. It is vital to not only consider convenience of location and class schedule but also to consider what your return on investment or ROI will be for each MBA program. For those evaluating business schools in VA, they can look at the added ROI that business schools in VA have based upon location and industry partnerships.

According to a recent Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey of MBA alumni, 94% felt their degree was personally rewarding, while 80% said they received a promotion faster than they expected. As for return on investment, surveyors responded that it took an average of 4 years to recoup full return on investment. The image below highlights this information.

The value of the MBA

It seems that today, even with a still struggling economy, demand for MBA graduates is strong. In another GMAC survey of 2012 graduates, 87% attributed their degree to faster career advancement, 92% to preparation for leadership positions, and 87% for increased earnings potential.

George Mason’s MBA program touts high ROI for its MBA graduates. For the class of 2014, 31% of MBA students secured a new job, 52% received a promotion, and 68% received a raise.

George Mason University has long touted its ROI for students, and recently, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), published data comparing the earnings of graduates from universities in Virginia. George Mason University’s graduates were shown earning relatively higher incomes than graduates from other commonwealth institutions and also low expenditures for students. Comparing total 4-year tuition, fees, room and board with median annual wages, shows George Mason University with below average cost and top wages.

This information from SCHEV gives further data to support the strength of business schools in VA. To learn more about the great opportunities that exist at business schools in Virginia, read a previous blog titled, “Business Schools in Virginia: An Easy Choice.”

Best Business Schools in VA: By the Rankings

There are many ranked business schools in Virginia, according to U.S. News & World Report.

  • George Mason University School of Business (#68 Best Part-time MBA program, #75 Best Online Graduate Business program, and George Mason is the nation’s #10 university to watch on the list of up-and-coming schools) Fairfax, Virginia and Arlington, Virginia
  • Old Dominion University College of Business & Public Administration (#118 part-time MBA program) Norfolk, Virginia
  • The College of William & Mary Mason School of Business (#57 part-time MBA program, #82 best business schools) Williamsburg, Virginia
  • University of Richmond Robins School of Business (#61 part-time MBA program) Richmond, VA
  • University of Virginia Darden School of Business (#11 best business schools, #4 in Management, #17 in Entrepreneurship) Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business (#101 part-time MBA program ) Richmond, Virginia
  • Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business (#46 part-time MBA program) Blacksburg, Virginia


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