You’ve Been Accepted to an MBA Degree. Now What!?

It’s a big decision to pursue an MBA degree. The process for researching and applying to business schools can be long and tedious. And the relief at getting accepted is amazing. But preparing for your MBA program doesn’t stop once you’ve cleared the application process.

We’ve provided tips for you to consider when choosing an MBA program as well as tips for the MBA application process.

Here are 6 things to consider as you prepare to enter your MBA program.

  1. How will you make time to study and complete the necessary work each week?
  2. Is your job supportive of this additional commitment? Can your supervisor offer you a more flexible schedule?
  3. Are your family and friends supportive of this endeavor?
  4. Do I have a plan for completing the program? Can I map out a schedule of courses?
  5. Do I have a plan for financing my education throughout the length of the program?
  6. Will my company provide any tuition assistance?

As you progress through the MBA program, consider the following questions:

  1. Have I completed the necessary requirements to graduate?
  2. Have I made the most of my course selection? Is there anything I would still like to take?
  3. Have I met with a career counselor to understand my options and how I can leverage my graduate degree?
  4. How can I update my resume to reflect the value of the MBA?
  5. Have I filed to graduate?
  6. What are my next professional steps after graduation?

Just remember, you may have to make sacrifices for a few years while pursuing your MBA degree. You’ll have less time for friends and family and personal interests. Less money too. But your MBA degree is an investment in yourself and can provide you a lifetime of career success.

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Rebecca Diemer

I serve as the associate director for MBA Programs at George Mason University's School of Business.

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