How My MBA Degree Helped Further My Career

One of the best ways to learn about the quality of a business school’s MBA degree and what it can do for your career is to hear directly from the students and alumni from the program.

Tell me about a moment when you realized your Mason MBA degree was helping you further your career goals?  

I recognized just how much my coursework at George Mason has helped me when I was asked to develop a 6-month strategic plan for my department, just three weeks into my new job. The MBA program at George Mason prepared me to handle this task because it developed my management decision-making skills. All of the complex case studies more than prepared me to tackle a real-life complex business problem. -Abigail Isaac MBA ’13

Every day at work there’s a challenge that requires certain knowledge or skills, that, fortunately I’ve acquired through the Mason MBA degree. There’s no doubt that all the hard work put in all the class work has paid off. Many times it’s quite obvious in the work environment that I have been through an MBA program and it has been valued greatly at my workplace. Ruxandra Arustei MBA ’11

Is there an experience you had while at George Mason’s business school that has had a lasting effect on your career?

The MBA global residency course involved traveling to Brazil to learn about international business.  Learning about a new culture and experiencing it firsthand was an illuminating way to learn about the different ways countries do business.  It also highlighted the importance of understanding and embracing diversity in expanding global economy. -Brock Walker MBA ’14

What career advice would you give to business school students who are about to graduate or fellow alumni who are already in the workforce?

Challenge yourself. Learn as much as possible while you have the opportunity to do so.  Introduce yourself to strangers, be interesting and personable, exchange information, and always follow-up. You never know who you will meet and/or what potential opportunity may arise down the line (either professional or personal). -Brock Walker MBA ’14

Be persistent in the job searchit took me six months to land my dream job, but it happened. -Abigail Isaac MBA ’13

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Rebecca Diemer

I serve as the associate director for MBA Programs at George Mason University's School of Business.

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