4 Reasons a Full-Time MBA Isn’t Right For You?

Once you decide to pursue an MBA degree, one of the most important decisions you have to make is whether or not you want to apply for a part-time MBA or a full-time MBA program. Below are four benefits of a part-time MBA program.

1. No Career Interruption

A part-time MBA allows you to continue working without having a career interruption like with a full-time MBA. Full-time MBA programs required you to take up to two years off from your career in order to complete the program. With the part-time MBA program, you can continue to work while enhancing your skill set.

2. Implement Your Skills Immediately

When pursuing a full-time MBA program, you learn your skills and hold them for when you have a new job and can implement them. With a part-time MBA program, you are able to take the skills you learn and immediately apply them to your job. You will be able to add new value and strength at work, and understand areas that you previously did not comprehend. You can contribute more meaningfully and at a higher level, starting immediately.

3. Incur Costs Over Time

When pursuing a full-time MBA program you have to pay for all your courses in just one-two years; whereas with a part-time MBA program, the cost is spread out across two to four years. This gives you more time to figure out how to finance the cost of the part-time MBA program, and to earn funds to cover the costs. In some cases, if you stay in your current company, there are opportunities for the corporation to finance the degree or a portion of your degree.

4. Bring Your Skills to the Classroom

When pursuing a part-time MBA program, you are in class with other working students. This allows you to not only bring your skills and experiences to the classroom, but to learn from the skills and experiences of your peers. If a classmate is facing a challenging problem at work, this can often translate into a class discussion where you can benefit from real-time learning and solutions.

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Jackie Buchy

Since 2011, I have served as the assistant dean for graduate enrollment at George Mason University's School of Business. In my role, I work with prospective graduate students to identify and select the best graduate program to meet their career goals.

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