MBA Professor Named One of the 30 Most Influential Industrial and Organizational Psychologists Alive

Effective management is not only about understanding operations—it also has a lot to do with understanding people, which is why management and psychology go hand-in-hand. Richard Klimoski, professor of psychology and management and area chair of management at George Mason University’s School of Business, knows this all too well.

Richard KlimoskiKlimoski has made so much progress at this crossroads of business and science, that he has been recognized as one of the “30 Most Influential Industrial and Organizational Psychologists Alive Today” by human resources trade group, Human Resources MBA.

“In creating this article, the researchers at Human Resources MBA chose I/O psychologists that stood out for their outstanding publication records, impact on industrial practices, influence on future research directions, and notable award recognitions,” said Human Resources MBA website editor Barbara Zimmaro.

This recognition places Klimoski, who teaches leadership in the Mason MBA program, among other accomplished leaders in the field who have made tremendous strides in improving workplace conditions across the world, including the director of the Workplace Bulling Institute and founder of Talent Quarterly Magazine.

In addition to teaching and research, Klimoski has been active in providing service to his profession, serving in leadership roles and on boards for a number of notable organizations and not for profit groups including the SOIP Foundation, SHRM Foundation, Workhouse Arts Foundation and the Easter Seals of the Greater Washington Region. He regularly consults with organizations to assist them in finding ways to promote the more effective management of their people.

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