MBA Degrees Equal MBA Jobs

Globally, the demand for MBA program graduates is increasing. Most companies prefer MBA graduates compared to any other business master’s degree holder resulting in a wealth of MBA job opportunities.

Based on the GMAC 2014 Survey report, 80% of companies worldwide plan to hire candidates with MBA degrees, compared to 73% in 2013. Moreover, the United States was ranked first as the largest market for MBA graduates according to the “Jobs and Salary Trends Report 2014-15.”

Not only is it easier for MBA graduates to enter the workforce, they are also much better paid. The GMAC 2014 survey report mentions that the projected median base salary for MBA jobs in the United States in 2014 is US$95,000, which is almost double the salary of a bachelor degree holder.

The top industries for MBA careers are the consulting sector as well as finance and accounting services followed by other type of companies where MBAs can assume an administrative role, such as in health care, the technology sector, and the products and services industry. The level of the MBA job is dependent on previous experience. Most MBAs are placed into mid-level work positions. The percentage of MBAs that are placed on senior level positions fluctuated between 13% and 29%, depending on the industry and less that 10% of recent graduates are placed in executive positions.

Most MBA program graduates find a job through on-campus recruitment. Students are highly advised to be proactive to make the most out of university resources. Internships are also a good way into a job because they provide MBA graduates with the opportunity to gather some valuable work experience as well as an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

At this point, it must be stressed that communication skills—specifically oral communication, listening and writing skills—are highly valued by potential employers. They are deemed twice as important as managerial skills!

Furthermore, internships can broaden an MBA students social network, and it is well-known how important networking can be in career building.




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Jackie Buchy

Since 2011, I have served as the assistant dean for graduate enrollment at George Mason University's School of Business. In my role, I work with prospective graduate students to identify and select the best graduate program to meet their career goals.

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