MBA in Business Means Top Starting Salaries

According to a recent study conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) of nearly 850 MBA alumni worldwide from the class of 2014, the median starting salary for U.S. citizens who recently completed an MBA in business is the highest it’s been in five years (see infographic below).

The GMAC study found that alumni of MBA programs generally had the biggest earnings increases between their pre- and post-degree salaries. The second graphic below shows how starting salaries vary by work location.

In addition to MBA careers and salary data, the study found great satisfaction in the MBA degree among recent grads.

Of the MBA program alumni surveyed

  • 95% said they would recommend an MBA in business to others
  • 92% found their MBA program was personally rewarding
  • 88% believed their MBA degree was professionally rewarding
  • 66% thought their MBA was financially rewarding

Upon completion of their degree, when asked if they would still have pursued an MBA in business, 93% of alumni surveyed said they would still have pursued it.

In the  George Mason MBA Program, 80% of graduates are employed at graduation, while 68% received a raise, 52% received a promotion and 31% secured a new position after receiving their MBA. Learn more about Mason’s MBA careers.

mba program salary

mba programs salary by location

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