On the Road with the Mason MBA: Students Connect with Local Industry Leaders

Fresh from participating in New York City and global residencies as part of their George Mason University MBA program, these members of the MBA Student Association took their own initiative to keep the on-site learning going—organizing a residency-like experience in their own backyard. 

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First stop: Goldman Sachs, Capitol Hill

We were graciously greeted by John Hanley, Vice President at Goldman Sachs in the Financial Services division. John gave us an in-depth history of the company and an update on finance industry trends.

On our way to Tysons: Ernst & Young and Capital One

The next stop was a meeting with Ernst & Young recruiter Jule Miata who organized a networking lunch with Principal Partner Kristen Vennum. Their presentations and personal Q&A gave us a good sense of the consulting life in terms of career development and the comradery among teams.

Our next stop was Capital One’s impressive Tysons campus. We met with Andy Sutton, Director of Finance in the Resolution Planning Office, who offered insights on the growth of his firm and financial institutions in general. Another valuable takeaway: Andy’s advice regarding career advancement. A Mason alum, he provided real-world tips on hard work, professional development and how to help others grow professionally too.

And finally, Reston: Vubiquity

Our last stop took us to Vubiquity, a technology-based solutions firm that facilitates content monetization for the entertainment and media industries. We met with Michael Kalten, Treasurer and Senior Vice President of Finance, who outlined the future of streaming entertainment and its potential for global expansion.

Our “DC Residency” was a wonderful way to gain even more insight on how successful leaders drive strategy and create new value for their firms.


Hoan TchenSubmitted by Hoan Tchen, Chief Marketing Officer, MBA Student Association, and Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Rosetta Stone.


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Janet Palmisano

Janet Palmisano is a member of the Recruiting and Admissions team at the George Mason University School of Business.

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