5 Things You Need that Top MBA Programs Deliver

Researching top MBA programs can be a very daunting task. There is much to consider and much to weigh in order to find the MBA program that is a good fit for you and your career goals. Below is a list of 5 things you should look for in an MBA program prior to applying.

  1. Strong Network of Support
    You should research all aspects of the network of support you will receive in the top MBA programs that you are considering including cohorts, faculty, staff, career services, alumni, student groups and activities, campus community. The support of these areas will have a tremendous impact on your program experience. Taking advantage of the many services offered in an MBA program will allow you to learn more than what is in a textbook. Learn more about the impact of an MBA programs network of support.
  2. Strategic Location
    Questions to ask yourself are whether or not you want to be near a large metropolitan area or if not. There is an increased cost of living in a city versus the suburbs to consider as well. Are you looking to learn in a global, diverse area based on what your career goals are? Does the location of the school provide increased accessibility to jobs and internships in your chosen field or industry? Career recruitment will be based heavily on location. Read more about how a strategic location can impact your career and MBA experience.
  3. Applied Knowledge
    Top MBA programs make learning come alive through first-hand experiences and enhance learning and skill building. When you are researching MBA programs, review opportunities in the program to apply the knowledge you are gaining in the classroom. Opportunities for applied knowledge range from participating in internships or consulting projects, competing in business plan competitions, and going on local and global residencies. Learn more about the applied knowledge you get from top MBA programs.
  4. Program Perspective
    Today’s business takes place throughout the world in all cities during all time zones. A global residency program provides students with a rich appreciation for other cultures and points-of-view. The best graduate business schools embed this broader global business perspective throughout their curricula. It is often highlighted in a global residency but should be woven throughout each course and reflected in the makeup of the faculty and students in the classroom. Read more about how the best graduate business schools deliver a broad perspective.
  1. Valuable Return on Investment
    The decision to pursue an MBA is a big financial and time commitment. You want to be sure to consider an MBA program that has a good reputation and measured success. This means that what you are learning in your MBA courses is relevant to your career and can be applied immediately on the job. You can get a sense of an MBA programs ROI by reviewing alumni testimonials and career placement statistics for the program. Learn more about the ROI of an MBA program.

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