Meet Mason MBA Student Joel Angle

When his conscience called shortly after September 11,
Joel answered the call.

At 18, Joel Angle began a career with the U.S. military that has taken him to Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt and Thailand. In 10 years, he served as a radio operator, grenadier, intelligence analyst, platoon leader and executive officer. In Joel’s last assignment before his honorable discharge, he was appointed second in command of a company of 120 intelligence analysts, linguists, and signals specialists

“I hadn’t planned on joining the Army, but then 9/11 happened,” he says. “My military career started me down the path to technology and security.”

And now that path has led him to the Mason Professional MBA.

Joel AngleCurrently an information systems security engineer with Booz Allen Hamilton, Joel will graduate from the School of Business this December. As he completes his degree (with a global residency in Istanbul still to come), he shares his insights on choosing an accredited MBA program.

On the career impact of an MBA:
One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is how important it is to continually develop the value proposition and to let it drive decisions of the firm. In the short term, this understanding of what moves business will make me a more competitive leadership candidate. In the long run, it will make me a successful leader.

On what it takes to earn an MBA:
I’ve learned how scarce time is and how important it is to use it carefully. No matter how hard you work, there is only so much time available. Moving forward with my career and MBA studies, while serving as a Reserve officer and maintaining personal relationships, has been a challenge at times. I’m especially grateful to the Mason faculty (with a special shout out to Professors Serdar Aldatmaz and Cheryl Druehl) for being so good at packaging content into lectures and experiential exercises that provided a firm grounding in quantitative business principles.

On working with the Mason Office of Military Services:
The Office provided a totally seamless experience. I was able to get everything submitted and approved via one easy to use website.

On what the future may hold:
Besides being qualified to take on a senior executive role in cyber security and defense contracting, I also look forward to starting my own business. I hope one day to use my skills and education to start a regional brewery.

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