EMBA Student Brings Wealth of Security Experience to Classroom

…And Gains New Perspectives As Well

Captain Jerry Gay, U.S. Air Force, ISR Weapons & Tactics Officer Mason Executive MBA, National Security Curriculum

Captain Jerry Gay, U.S. Air Force/
Mason Executive MBA, National Security Curriculum

With nearly 25 years of experience in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for the U.S. Air Force, Captain Jerry Gay brings a great depth of knowledge and perspective to his Executive MBA/National Security cohort. And while he’s had much to contribute, he’s also grateful for what he’s gained.

“Working toward my Executive MBA at George Mason, I have gained valuable exposure to a wide array of business concepts and management tools that will serve me well in my future endeavors.

But what has been most enjoyable are the in-depth and thought-provoking discussions on organizational leadership, especially as we’ve explored the essential role diversity plays in an organization’s success.

My MBA team has inspired me to take a fresh look at how the Air Force approaches diversity, not just from a race/gender standpoint, but also as it pertains to background, experience, education, training, perspective, and worldview.

I’ve truly benefited from the discussions and insights shared by my MBA classmates, a talented group of professionals with a wide range of personal and career backgrounds. Their experiences have informed and at times challenged my military-fashioned perspective on leadership, professional development, and organizational diversity.

From Reflecting on Leadership and Diversity

“We cannot afford to self-limit in these times that call for innovative, original thought and bold leadership for a new generation of talented Airmen and the American people.”

Read more about Captain Gay’s research and conclusions on why diversity in senior leadership matters.


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