Length of MBA Program: How Long Does it Take to Get an MBA Degree?

It can take one to three years to earn an MBA degree. Length of MBA program depends largely on the program/school you choose. Will you be pursuing a full-time or part-time program? Is the MBA program self-paced or must courses be taken in a specific order?

The average length of MBA programs hovers around the two year mark.

At George Mason, the part-time Mason MBA can be completed in as few as 23 months. Below is a comparison of four top MBA programs in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Each shows the length of the MBA program, as well as the number of credits for each program.

George Mason University

  • Offers a part-time MBA program (evening classes) and the Executive MBA (weekend classes)
  • 48 Credit Hours
  • Length of MBA Program: The Mason MBA can be completed in 23 months; The Executive MBA can be completed in 20 months.

University of Maryland

  • Offers a part-time and full-time MBA option
  • 54 Credit hours
  • Length of MBA Program: Program can be completed in 2 years. The average pace for part-time students is 3 years (with a maximum of 5 years permitted).

George Washington University

  • Offers both part-time and full-time MBA programs (Global MBA, Professional MBA, World Exec MBA, Online MBA and Healthcare MBA)
  • 5 Credit Hours (World Exec MBA is only 52.5 credit hours)
  • Length of MBA Program: Program length varies depending which program you are completing. The World Exec MBA can be completed in as little as 16 months, and the Global MBA can be completed in 21 months. The other MBA programs range from 2 -5 years.

American University

  • Offers a full-time MBA and an online MBA option
  • 49 Credit Hours (Online program is 48 credit hours)
  • Length of MBA Program: The full-time MBA can be completed in 21 months.

Located in the metro Washington, D.C. area, George Mason’s MBA Program prepares the next generation of business leaders through a rigorous, stimulating business and management curriculum based on a global perspective, industry demand, and leadership. It prepares MBA graduates with the skills they need to pursue the careers they want.

Mason’s MBA program is ranked #74 on the “Best Part-time MBA” list by U. S. News & World Report. Dedicated career services staff offers personalized career consulting services to students during the program and alumni after graduation.

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Paige Wolf

As director of graduate programs at George Mason's School of Business, my vision is to have a vibrant, collegial community of active learners who develop enduring professional relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students while pursuing their degrees. Prior to this position, I spent 11 years with the School of Business as an associate professor of management teaching both MBA and undergraduate courses in organizational behavior and human resource management. I have more than 16 years of experience as an internal and external consultant on strategic human resource initiatives including team building, organizational development, competency modelling, performance management, employee selection systems, career planning, employee training and development, leadership assessment, and human resource audits.

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